Thematic workshops to make a plastic and expressive work related to the puppets.


The interest of the children by the small personages is universally known, as well as its tendency to take control of them to give life them. By this we have believed interesting to present the different puppetry techniques to be able to more extensively develop the imagination and expression capacity, and thus to open new fields of learning.
The experience demonstrates that the public, about a natural and amused way to this plastic and suggestive world.
Different types from original and very simple puppets are constructed.

These magical and surprising figures are inspired by the subjects proposed for each workshop: magic, astronomicals, recycling, modernist, chestnut sellers, frightering, musical, medieval, pictorial, multicultural, clown, culinary, emotions, christmas, or by order...

We have taken care of all the details so that the workshoops are attractive and effective.Part of the material is recycled and finished his the seal of quality of our company is designed with much precision, taking. The clothes of monitors and the decoration of the space are designed and measured to act the aesthetic as of each one of them.

MOBILE PUPPET WORKSHOP by TEIA MONER, director and producer of Addaura Visual Theatre. Inspired by the MOBILUS show