Our company is characterized by its innovation in the theater arts and by its professional rigor.

A theater and technical investigation needs directs to us to make each spectacle from a different optics and therefore with a dramatic art, a stage scene, aesthetic and puppets that do not remember any of the others.

Spectacles are interpreted with shades, others with bunrakus, has realistic stage scene, other minimalist... and so on we are changing the formats depending on the intrinsic necessities of each work.In these routes we used different codes of communication: manipulation of objects and puppets, magic, work of actor, song, pantomime,..

It interests to us to deepen in the relation that can have an art with other to obtain original and surprising results artistic.  This fact been has recognized several times in form of distinctions and prizes.

In the spectacles we were used to collaborating with professionals from different art fields to obtain a high quality artistic product. In our route also we have opened doors to proposals suggested by cultural professionals: we made you announce, inaugurations, exhibitions, performances...

The creative restlessness is so ample that we do not have a certain public.
Our works are directed to familiar public, others to young people, others to adult public...

We offer an extensive fan of theater possibilities in which everybody has capacity.  Here the shows and actions that created our team since its foundation we present .